Child Custody

In this area, our lawyers work with clients of every kind of union—married and unmarried heterosexuals or married and unmarried same-sex couples. In every case, we advocate for our clients’ custodial and visitation rights, while considering the best interests of each child affected in such litigation. Also, as highly experienced attorneys for children and guardians ad litem, our lawyers remain vigilant and mindful of the best interests of any child in any custody dispute.

Our experience with custody and visitation issues involve:

  • Divorce and child custody
  • Visitation schedules
  • Decision-making authority regarding the children’s health care, education, and extra-curricular activities
  • Same-sex partnerships, and custody/visitation
  • Unmarried heterosexual couples and paternity
  • Unfit parents’ issues, such as abuse and neglect proceedings
  • Grandparents’ rights
  • Geographic relocation

Bender & Crane LLP designs a clear and direct strategy to address our clients’ needs while minimizing any potential acrimony for our clients and their children. We ensure that each parent has a clear understanding of his, her or their rights before finalizing a custody agreement or, if necessary, entering litigation.