Bender & Crane LLP’s attorneys are well versed in the laws of arbitration.  Arbitration is a dispute resolution forum that serves as an alternative to traditional, courtroom litigation. An arbitration proceeding is binding on the merits of a case just like a judicial proceeding. In fact, an appeal from an arbitration decision is more limited than an appeal of a judicial ruling.

Those appointed to decide both legal and factual issues in arbitration are called arbitrators, not judges. An arbitration hearing is similar to a court hearing but less formal and allows for an expeditious and cost effective resolution to an otherwise protracted process.

At Bender & Crane LLP, our highly skilled attorneys have been selected by our esteemed colleagues to serve as arbitrators to adjudicate matrimonial matters.  We ensure that the arbitration process is efficient and provides participants with peace of mind that it will be fair, professional, and timely. 

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